The Male Path


As a man, you have been assigned a role, and a duty. A duty that you must come to fulfill. For anything that is less than that, is an insult to all of life and should not be accepted, under any circumstances.

Men are the enforcers of this world. They are the ones who provide the resources, and protect all that is beautiful, and delicate. They are the ones who have been tasked to supply for the world. Therefore, all that you do, regarding your purpose, and reasoning for livelihood, is all predicated upon your ability to supply.

In this world, our relationships are governed by the idea of supply and support. Every item in a relationship, artistically plays out their part in light of the other. One cannot supply without support, and one cannot support without supply.

You are not only a man. You are a human being. As a human being, you must adopt 16 characteristics and traits in order to be considered a human worth preserving. Those characteristics and traits are:

  1. Conscious (F)
  2. Intelligent (F)
  3. Considerate (F)
  4. Wise (F)
  5. Healthy (F)
  6. Strong (M)
  7. Focused (M)
  8. Formidable (M)
  9. Disciplined (M)
  10. Competent (M)
  11. Ambitious (M)
  12. Courageous (M)
  13. Professional (M)
  14. Reliable (F)
  15. Selective (F)
  16. Professional (F)

As you can see, each characteristic or trait is denoted by an F, or an M. F, for Feminine, and M for Masculine. Each of them represents the Feminine, and the Masculine sides of life. As a complete human being, we must possess all of these. Though, as a man, you must prioritize 8 of them, and place the other 8 as a secondary point of focus. All 8 that must be prioritized by you, are denoted by an M. 


This is the road to becoming what the world needs, when assigned a male, at birth. This is the route that will provide you the meaning and purpose for your life. 


At the start of enrollment, you will be met with a personal trainer who will interview, assess, and analyze your situation as well as your relationship with the subject of interest. This first meeting will be meant to establish an understanding of what will be provided, how future meetings will go, as well as the philosophy behind proper development. All you will need to bring is a critical mindset, and courage. We hope to work with you soon. 

The Male Path
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Upon approval, you will be met with a behavioral consultant that specializes in the requested upon subject of interest. Before the first official meeting, there will be a FREE short session to discuss specific goals and areas of concerns while assessing the current situation. This session will be used to determine an applicable and tailored strategy to execute on in future sessions, as well as provide you with a general outline of what to expect.  Each session after the initial will be to educate, practice, and execute on a strategy to get you to where you want and need to be emotionally, physically, and mentally. 

All sessions generally reach the 1-hour mark. 

We are located in the Greenway Plaza of Downtown Houston, Texas. The exact address is: 1320 Fannin St Houston, TX 77002. 

If you have any questions that has not been answered above, please, fill free to take down our contact information located within the “Contact” tab on the top header and send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.